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Urban Titan Apparel  The new breakout era of style.  We plan on being around in a big way and for a long time.  In the mountain of competition  Urban Titan is the leader among leaders.  Destined to become an international company that will compete with the biggest brands in the world.

Urban Titan is not just a brand, it’s a culture, as well as a lifestyle. Here at Urban Titan we are a mix of stylish apparel, the roots of hip hop music, a consciousness of healthy eating and  a sense of community.  Come be a part of Urban Titan Apparel.  Be the one telling people what it is, not the one asking what it’s about.  

The creator and designer Sosa Brown has the pulse of the streets and he instinctively knew the definition of fly. The style at UT is for sure breaking new trends. They're on fire, and not to be played with.

Growing up watching the trends on the New York City streets, then spending time traveling and learning how to adapt the styles of several other areas with his very own, we now have Urban Titan.

We're not just clothing. We're a way of life.

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